A group trying to defeat a proposed constitutional amendment that would end greyhound racing in Florida emerged this week with a Facebook announcement.

The Committee to Support Greyhounds, “a group of passionate supporters of the greyhound breed,” said its campaign will share “real life events of happy, healthy, loving, greyhounds in all stages of life — from young puppies to life at the track to retirement.”

The Florida Greyhound Association, which includes owners and breeders, also has filed a lawsuit that seeks to block the amendment from the November ballot. It alleges the measure, placed on the ballot by the state Constitution Revision Commission, is misleading and inaccurate.

Backers of the amendment, under the name “Protect Dogs — Yes on 13 Committee,” called the new opposition group’s name cynical.

“This is an obvious attempt to confuse voters, and proof that they don’t have a real message,” the measure’s supporters said. “While greyhound breeders try to sow confusion, we will continue informing our neighbors about greyhound confinement and racetrack deaths.”

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