Gregory Eisenberg, one of Ted Edwards‘ former rivals in the race to keep his Orange County Commission District 5 seat, endorsed him Friday.

Eisenberg, who works as regional director for asset campus housing for the University of Central Florida, was the most receptive of Edwards’ opponents to working with him, stating after his loss in the primary that he was working with Edwards to implement his own ideas into Edwards’ campaign. The idea was to make it about the issues, and Eisenberg said he’d work with whoever won.

On Friday, he made it clear he thinks Edwards is the best choice.

“This upcoming November, I will be voting Ted Edwards for Orange County Commissioner and I encourage all voters in District 5 to do the same. Commissioner Ted B. Edwards has children who attend UCF, and I have confidence that he will stand up for students and millennials on a local level.”

He also said Edwards was the best candidate to help the ailing Wedgefield community, which is badly in need of clean water. He said he was confident Edwards’ “detailed plan” could get that accomplished.

“Impending growth and a need for greater accessibility are two areas the county must focus on,” he said.

Of Edwards’ sole remaining challenger, Emily Bonilla, Eisenberg said he has “utmost respect” for her, but as an analytical voter, he believes she lacks the solutions District 5 needs.

“I can wholeheartedly say that Ted B. Edwards has earned four more years as the commissioner of Orange County, District 5,” he said.

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