Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum‘s first television commercial of the general election campaign reminds everyone what “a shocker” his primary victory may have been, but he prefers to call it, “the American way.”

Gillum’s 30-second ad,”American Way” is being launched Wednesday on both television and the internet.

With video following Gillum and his family to several events leading up to his victory party, the ad recounts how surprised everyone in the media appeared to be that the a man who was one of seven children of a construction worker and a school bus driver, who was the only non-millionaire or -billionaire in the field, who led in no polls, won the Democratic nomination.

“This is a shocker,” one anchor says.

“The American way still lives!” Gillum declares, as the video shows him wrapping a hug around his daughter’s shoulders. “And if the state of Florida has to show the rest of the world, then let it begin right here.”

Gillum’s ad is the first fresh shot of the fall campaign in which the Tallahassee mayor is taking on Republican nominee U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis of Ponte Vedra Beach, who won his primary easily after receiving the endorsement of President Donald Trump.

The Gillum campaign said it is starting with a six-figure statewide cable TV buy, plus a separate internet digital advertising buy.

The surprise factor portrayed for the primary election is gone. Several polls in the first week following the primary have shown Gillum breaking out ahead of DeSantis in a tight race.

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