There are times it is hard to remember the improvement. There are times you wonder if the Orlando Magic is really better.

After all, the team has lost six straight and 10 of its last 11. It’s no time to pat itself on the back.

But step back, and you see an improved team. The Magic won 25 games last year, 23 the year before, 20 the year before that. This year, at just over the halfway point, they’ve already won 20 (20-23).

“In general, if you take a step back — at least I have — and try to look at the big picture, we’re sitting here basically halfway through the season, we’re sitting right at .500,” general manager Rob Hennigan said on Magic Drive Time on 96.9 The Game in Orlando. “In general, if you look big picture, we’ve shown a lot of progress in total. I would argue we have shown considerable progress in the sent that we’re a game out of the eighth seed in a much-improved Eastern Conference.”

If we we’re 10-30 right now and had showed no signs of having any toughness or resiliency, you’d be more than concerned,” coach Scott Skiles told the Orlando Sentinel. “You’d have to start then looking at guys and figuring out what to do, but that’s not what’s happened here.

“We’ve showed some good early-season toughness and now we have showed the other side. So it’s a good part of the season to really figure out who we are and who we’re going to be the rest of the year.”

Skiles added, “There’s no reason we just can’t flip the switch and get it back. Everybody knows what we’re supposed to do. We just have to actually do it and not talk about it. Do it.”

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