The Democratic primary to replace firebrand incumbent Alan Grayson in Florida’s 9th Congressional District has generated a lot of headlines.

Both State Sen. Darren Soto and former Congressional Director Susannah Randolph are campaigning aggressively, including television appearances, since announcing their respective campaigns.

But the third big name in the contest – also the most mysterious – has everyone asking questions.

Who is Dr. Dena Mining? And where is she?

Minning, the physician and biochemist with romantic ties to Grayson, made national headlines in announcing her campaign in late July, but has been virtually silent since. Launching with only a statement,  she not given a single public interview. Minning has been quiet on social media with only a handful of tweets and Facebook posts.

Yet before the announcement, her personal Twitter account was very active, with messages regularly advocating progressive issues and bashing Republicans.

“We might not see her before January” said one political operative familiar with her campaign, who preferred to remain anonymous. “She’s not in a hurry and will have what she needs.”.

Minning’s ties to D.C are what stand out.

Her connections to an established Washington donor base could be substantial, and should make her competitive, but her relationship within the 9th District is what many believe could be her main concern.

Local Democrats are split between Soto and Randolph, and most Party members have  had either minimum contact with Minning or haven’t met her. Her biography features inspiring stories on treating patients, but describes no particular ties to the region.

Aside from a résumé line noting she is a Florida University graduate, there is little to lead a potential voter to believe she has deep ties to Central Florida. Or, for that manner, any existing relationship at all.

What has the media most interested is the nonexistent amount of info on Minning and her relationship with Grayson.

Orange and Osceola County Democrats, preparing for a fight, are busy picking sides. With Soto and Randolph, they know what to expect.

It’s Minning – a relative unknown – who’s making everyone nervous.

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