News of a stalemate on the homeless situation in Daytona Beach is discouraging advocates hoping for a resolution to the longstanding issue.

Groups of homeless had set up a makeshift camp in front of the county administration building last month. That led to county officials offering to provide land and $4 million for the construction of Safe Harbor, a 250-bed homeless shelter west of Daytona Beach. However, city officials apparently are not on board with that proposal.

Meanwhile, police in Daytona are investigating fraud claims against homeless advocate Mike Pastore after the release of a YouTube video that alleges Pastore has been pocketing donations to his organization,

In the video, a person named “Jimmy” says Pastore runs errands for people and gives them rides, but says he also asks whether they receive government checks.

Pastore, a visible advocate for finding housing for the city’s large homeless population by urging officials to convert vacant property into an emergency shelter, has denied the allegations on his organization’s Facebook page.

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