In response to the WFTV 9 investigation into City Commissioner Samuel Ings‘ spending, Ings issued a letter to WFTV 9 reporter Daralene Jones, calling her story “very negative” and saying it was “without any facts.”

WFTV 9 reported in March that Ings’ spending was higher than that of every other city commissioner, and that of all the money spent by commissioners on taxpayer-funded credit cards since the new fiscal year started Oct. 1, Ings had spent over half of that.

“This is not an investigative story,” Ings wrote. “It is all about a smear campaign. You seek your testimonials from non-credited individual(s) that only speaks with conjecture and not facts. This is poor journalism at its best. Without any proper investigative techniques or overwhelming evidence, you merely threw a story together hoping that it would stick.”

He goes on to say that he has spent money on over 500 books for a number of schools in the area. The ones he lists are Tangelo Park Elementary, Gotha Middle School, Rolling Hills Elementary, Eagles Nest Elementary, MetroWest Elementary and Westridge Middle School.

“I’m simply trying to enhance the lives of the residents of District 6 and the City of Orlando,” he wrote.

He called his budget “minuscule” compared to the significant and insurmountable problems in the city.

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