A poll commissioned by Pete Crotty‘s Orange County Commission campaign shows he has a solid lead over four rivals in the election for District 3 race to represent south-central Orange County, his campaign announced.

The robo-call poll to landlines, done by Razor Thin Wins, gave Crotty 46 percent, former Belle Isle Commissioner Bobby Lance 31 percent, retired Orlando Police Officer Bill Moore 12 percent, Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District Chairman Eric Rollings 8 percent, and former Orange County Commission aide Mayra Uribe 3 percent.

In a head-to-head matchup between Crotty and Lance, Crotty won out 60 percent to 40 percent among those surveyed,

A campaign representative for Lance ripped the poll as not legitimate and acussed Crotty of releasing it to try shore up “struggling fundraising.”

Razor Thin Wins said the poll was conducted “Rasmussen Polling style” with robocalls going out to thousands of people in the district. The company did not have a specific number on how many were surveyed, but said the margin of error for the overall results was about 2 percent.

Crotty is a small business owner of Tradewinds Resort Specialist Central Florida Inc., a company that provides poolside hospitality services to some of Central Florida’s biggest resorts. He also is the brother of former Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty and may have broad name recognition as a result. Crotty credited comprehensive door-to-door campaigning in the district.

All five of those mentioned in the poll have qualified to be on the August 28 ballot. Randy Whiting of Orlando also filed to run, but has not yet qualified. He was not mentioned in the survey. If no one gets more than half the votes in August, the top two vote-getters move on to a showdown in November.

Said John Dowless, Republian campaign consultant working with Lance:

“They’re trying to pull a fast one to help their struggling fundraising. While I don’t doubt he has name ID because of his brother, there is no legit poll that has 97 percent decided voters, especially before any campaign ads or mailers have been dropped. Besides we learned that robo polls to land lines are not terribly reliable. Ask Mit Romney.”

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