The City of Orlando has been making strides toward connectivity between its roads and lightening traffic loads, and at Monday’s council meeting, they approved two projects on their consent agenda to further that goal.

One project teams the City of Orlando with Lynx and the Florida Regional Transportation Authority to conduct a traffic survey to assess existing and future travel demand, trip patterns, modal preferences and transportation needs along the State Road 436 corridor.

Commissioner Tony Ortiz said the survey was much needed to assess how to manage traffic in east Orlando.

“Over 11,000 people work at the airport and have to drive through that area,” he said. “There are people who have to go to and from Altamonte who drive on that road.”

The other project will team the City of Orlando with the Florida Department of Transportation to clean up the area under I-4 downtown, known as the “Bridge District,” for the “Under I” project, which will include urban park development, athletic facilities, family time areas, public event space and local market space.

Commissioner Robert Stuart said there are certain things he wants to see done in the area – namely, that it should accommodate parking that the construction on the area will do away with.

“They’ve done away with about 900 parking spaces in that area,” he told Orlando Rising after the meeting. “We need to make sure we have ample parking opportunity for any modal transportation coming there.”

He also thinks there needs to be more done on I-4 to announce Orlando’s image to travelers coming in from the north.

“We have ample funding to make an entry for Orlando from the north,” he said, saying it should be much like the one seen when driving on I-4 from the south. “There’s no natural overpass there, so we’d have to create something creative. But we have the funding for that goal.”

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