Orange County School Board Member Christine Moore reported raising $12,430 in the first couple of weeks of September, giving her a two-to-one early campaign cash advantage over her opponent in the Orange County Commission race with Patricia Rumph.

Yet Rumph, who raised $5,130 in that period, has shown so far she does not need much money to compete in the election to represent Distict 2 in northeast Orange County on the county commission, as she ran fourth in campaign cash heading into the Aug. 28 preliminary election and wound up the leading vote-getter in that preliminary election.

Because of Moore’s strong early start heading into the fall election, the District 2 race is starting out with the most campaign money of three Orange County Commission contests on the Nov. 6 ballot.

That may change soon. In District 3, covering parts of south and central Orange County, both Pete Crotty and Mayra Uribe raised around $10,000 in early September to open the November campaign. Yet both have major fundraisers this week: Crotty’s Sunday evening, after the latest reports were filed last Friday, and Uribe on Tuesday.

In District 4 representing much of southeast Orange County, Susan Makowski, who raised more money than anyone heading into the Aug. 28 election, picked up just $4,650 in the first couple of weeks after that election, while her run-off opponent Maribel Gomez Cordero raised almost nothng.

Rumph raised only $35,000 heading into that first contest while Moore and two other candidates each raised more than $60,000. Yet when the votes were counted Rumph had 30 percent; Moore, 28 percent; Fred Brummer, 23 percent; and Mark Byrd, 18 percent.

As of the most recent campaign finance reports posted by the Orange County Supervisor of elections, Moore is heading into the fall with $27,221 in the bank, and Rumph with $13,764, for the District 2 contest.

In District 3, Crotty moves forward with $24,257 in cash according to the most recent reports, and Uribe with $17,949. Uriben topped the six-candidate Aug. 28 election with 28 percent, while Crotty finished second with 22 percent.

In District 4, Makowski has raised more than $128,510 overall, but spent most of that to get through the Aug. 28 election. She heads into the fall with $14,318 in the bank, while Gomez Cordero has $2,020. Makowski easily led the five-person Aug. 28 field with 35 percent, while Gomez Cordero drew 21 percent.

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