Carlos Lopez-Cantera is sending well wishes to his friend Marco Rubio.

Lopez-Cantera, the state’s lieutenant governor and a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, said in a statement that he wanted to congratulate Rubio for a “courageous and positive campaign.”

“Elections do not always have outcomes one expects, but I know that Marco’s Reagan-esque optimism is something our country desperately needs right now,” said Lopez-Cantera in a statement. “I know Marco’s voice will continue to be a part of the conservative movement in America.”

Rubio, a Miami Republican and U.S. senator, suspended his presidential bid Tuesday after a crushing defeat his home state. Rubio received 27 percent of the vote, well behind Donald Trump, who received nearly 46 percent of the ballot.

Lopez-Cantera is one of five Republicans vying to replace Rubio in the United States Senate.

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