A group of mayors from all over the state and even outside of it appeared in Orlando Friday evening to campaign for Hillary Clinton, led by Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer at the Florida Coordinated Campaign office on Colonial Drive.

“There is no path for a Republican candidate that does not include winning Florida,” Dyer said, addressing a crowd of intent Clinton supporters and volunteers. “If we can win for Hillary Clinton here in Florida, there’s no path for the Republicans to win the presidency. Personally, I think it’ll be a big landslide.”

Former Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown said the path for Clinton seemed clear, but that no one should take it for granted or “start picking out the drapes” before the final election results came down.

He also spoke of having met her personally.

“Hillary Clinton is the salt of the Earth,” he said. “I call her a servant-leader. She’s tough, but a visionary.”

Phil Levine, mayor of Miami Beach, reiterated that it was really “all about Florida” in the presidential election.

“If you win here, you become president,” he said. “If not, you get another job. The Republican candidate, I don’t even want to say his name because I’m so sick of him, appears to be losing, but the polls aren’t always right. We saw that with Brexit and the Peace deal. We don’t want that to happen here.”

Mayor Jacqueline Goodall of Forest Heights, Maryland said Clinton was her choice from the beginning.

“When I grew up, women couldn’t be on the basketball team,” she said. “Now, she can be president. It’s very important that she does this. We need to support her, because it’s out right.”

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