As Hurricane Matthew finally moved on by Saturday, Brevard County began to pick up the pieces, turn their residents’ power back on and repair any damage.

Emergency Management Public Information Officer Don Walker said they were recovering well. Of the 230,000 without power after the hurricane last weekend, only about 100 were still without power.

In addition, they’ve opened schools again as of Tuesday.

“We’re taking calls from people who need assistance,” Walker said. “We’re starting debris collection of all the storm debris, branches, tiles and roof shingles, starting today.”

Walker credits the fast response to the fact that, as they had treated the storm as a Level 1 activation, they had personnel from emergency agencies like Red Cross, the Salvation Army and United Way nearby and ready to help out as soon as the storm passed.

“We had all hands on deck,” he said. “We had officials here staying at the Emergency Operations Center in Rockledge so they could immediately take responsible action once the storm passed. We had a packed house, let’s put it that way.”

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