Rep. Bob Cortes was one of three Orlando area lawmakers who won a coveted — at least for Republicans — endorsement from the free-market group Americans for Prosperty-Florida.

The group’s 2016 Economic Freedom Scorecard, based on 4,300 individual votes and 59 legislative proposals during the 2016 legislative session, yielded a better than 100 percent rating from the group.

Cortes, who represents Maitland, not only voted in favor of all of AFP-FL’s priorities this past Legislative Session, he sponsored a favored bill on behalf of the group.

“Economic freedom is essential for the American Dream to be available for everybody,” said Cortes in a statement.

“I am honored to be named a Champion of Economic Freedom, and I am honored to work to promote policies like lower taxes, limited government, and wise stewardship of hard-earned taxpayer dollars,” he added.

Cortes came to office in 2015 after defeating former Democratic Rep. Mike Clelland during the 2014 midterm cycle.

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