State Rep. Bob Cortes has fired off a letter to the Florida Department of Transportation demanding answers and action regarding the U.S. Highways 17-92 underpass in Maitland that has been flooded out several times in recent days.

The location, beneath and beside a railroad bridge in Maitland, has been the focus of cross-jurisdictional accusations, and Cortes on Tuesday demanded that the Florida DoT assume charge.

“This is extremely concerning because it not only puts drivers in danger, but it also causes extra congestion on an already busy road,” Cortes wrote. “This has been an ongoing issue and I have already called for immediate action: thus far it has not come.”

Cortes’s letter went to FDoT District 5 Secretary Mike Shannon. That office did not respond to inquiries from Orlando-Rising about Cortes’s demand.

He notes that the city of Maitland attributed the problem to a developer, but he sees it as the state’s responsibility “to find an immediate solution.”

“If necessary, I am calling for the Department of Transportation to force the developer to procure an expedited resolution to this continuing problem,” he wrote.

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