On Wednesday, another installment of the Orlando Police Department’s Women’s Self Defense Classes will be held at the Wadeview Community Center at 2177 South Summerlin Avenue.

The program, as in previous installments, is part of the 2016 National Night Out initiative, intended to make Orlando a safer city.

According to Kevlon Kirkpatrick with the OPD, the program will focus on getting women in the right mindset when in situations that could turn unsafe.

“The class prepares and gets you in the mindset to be safe,” Kirkpatrick said. “It teaches you to become aware of your surroundings. Too many people are texting while walking, or listening to music. They’re sometimes not aware of what’s going on around them.”

Kirkpatrick’s message is clear: “If you feel something is wrong around you, it probably is.”

National Night Out is intended to bolster community participation and help cities become safer. The Women’s Self Defense classes are just some of the many events leading up to the main National Night Out event on Oct. 4.

For a full list of the events, visit the website here.

Wednesday’s class will begin at 6 p.m. and go until 8 p.m.

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