Democratic House District 47 candidate Anna Eskamani, an Orlando native born of Iranian immigrants, has garnered the national endorsement of the National Iranian American Council Action, her campaign announced Tuesday.

Eskamani is just the second candidate the organization has endorsed this cycle, after a congressional candidate in California. NAIC Action is a political action organization related to the National Iranian American Council, and committed to “advancing peace and championing the priorities of the Iranian-American community” and to “maximize the political influence of Iranian Americans and the pro-peace community.”

Eskamani is seeking election to what is expected to be an open seat in HD 47, with Republican incumbent state Rep. Mike Miller running for Congress. Two Republicans are running for the seat, Stockton Reeves VI of Winter Park and Mikeala Nix of Orlando.

“We’re excited to announce our endorsement of Anna Eskamani, who is running for the Florida House in District 47,” Jamal Abadi, executive director of NIAC Action, stated in an email blast. “Her connections to the Iranian-American community, and the issues that affect us, run deep – she has organized activists locally against [President Donald] Trump’s Muslim ban and would become the first Iranian American ever elected to the Florida legislature!”

Eskamani, whose mother was born in Tehran and father in Tabriz, before they each immigrated to the United States and eventually met in Orlando, added the following statement in the news release:

“We are a nation of immigrants, and my story is not unlike that of many other fellow Americans, or of those who aspire to become American citizens one day. My personal identity and experiences compel me to be a passionate advocate for all people, and to push back against political agendas that marginalize and attack people because of how they look, talk, or who they worship. I will always stand up to bigotry and hate, and thank NIAC Action for bringing a national spotlight to our campaign and movement.”

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