The campaign of Democratic U.S. Senate candidate U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson responded to his opponent U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy‘s attack by calling it an uninformed smear inconsistent with Valentine’s Day.

Earlier Sunday, Murphy charged that Grayson has serious problems with criticism and ethics investigations of his handling of private hedge funds and should close the funds immediately and consider leaving the U.S. Senate race and even resigning his seat in Congress if any of the ethics violation allegations stick.

Murphy made the charges during a telephone news conference.

Through his campaign, Grayson dismissed the charges as ill-informed, based on erroneous assumptions about the private hedge funds Grayson managed.

Grayson’s campaign charged that Murphy was “betraying a certain unfamiliarity with the concept of Valentine’s Day,” and channeling “his inner Rubio,” a reference to the Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who both are hoping to replace.

A release from Grayson’s campaign charged that Murphy avoided questions about his Wall Street voting record.

“Murphy notably only spoke, erroneously, about Grayson’s investments, which he knows nothing about, while ducking all questions about his own voting record — which he also may know nothing about. It’s unclear, of course, because Murphy won’t defend or discuss his Wall Street-friendly votes and legislation, or the massive donation-bribes that surround them,” a release from Grayson’s campaign declared.

“Murphy instead channeled his inner Rubio and avoided discussing his Wall Street voting record. Murphy robotically stuck to his talking points,” the release continued.

“Because it was a phone-conference call, it’s difficult to determine how many reporters shook their heads in frustration. Murphy also invited only certain reporters to his call, as any Bubble-Boy would.”

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