Valleri Crabtree posted $20,000 in campaign contributions during the last quarter in peace for Florida’s 9th Congressional District – a figure she proudly notes is far less than her opponents for the seat claimed in the same quarter.

Of the contributions, $19,000 came from her loaning her own campaign, and $500 came from various individual contributors.

She also spent $19,000 in advertising and various other expenditures. She had $2,400 cash on hand.

Crabtree touted the low numbers – compared to Darren Soto‘s $150,000 contributions this quarter, Susannah Randolph with $170,000 and Dena Grayson with $130,000 – as proof that she is the people’s candidate of sorts. All of her opponents claimed over $300,000 on hand this quarter.

“I do not take any money from PACs or any endorsement from any elected officials,” Crabtree said. “I don’t want to be beholden to any special interest that might want something from me. I want to represent my district in the way it needs to be represented.”

She claimed she doesn’t spend any time raising money – instead choosing to spend her time out meeting people.

“I don’t spend time raising money,” she said. “I spend every moment when I’m not working, or with my family, going to meetings, festivals and events, meeting the residents of the 9th Congressional District.”

She said she was very proud of winning the Politics at the Barn straw poll earlier this week and coming in a close second to Soto in the Osceola Hob Nob straw poll Thursday.

“This shows me that people are responding to my approach of building relations and showing up,” she said. “It gives me a great feeling that my approach is working.”

The winner of the Democratic primary will go on to face one of the two Republicans, Wayne Liebnitzky or Wanda Rentas, in the general election for the CD 9 seat.

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