Winter Park has its legislative agenda for the coming session ready as of Monday’s meeting, and through its multitude of focuses, it wants to expand and better its city.

According to Mayor Steve Leary, the main priorities for Winter Park revolve around cleaning up its water and improving broadband service in the city.

Two of the objects involve improving Howell Branch Creek and restoring Lake Lillian. Leary said the objective with both was to ride the state’s focus on Florida’s environment and improve Winter Park’s own through that.

“The environment is very important to us here in Winter Park,” Leary said. “We want to gain leverage through the state’s focus on it and gain green space here. We want to remove invasive species in our lakes and clean our waterways.”

Leary said a benefit of getting better Broadband connectivity, aside from generally helping businesses in the city, would be helping out seniors who need medical care but want to stay in their own homes rather than moving into retirement homes.

“We want to help get broadband into our infrastructure,” he said. “High-speed connection for our community corridors. It’s an economic tool that will help improve service for businesses, and health care for senior citizens who want to age in place. They want to stay here, not go to a retirement home. This way, they can talk to their doctor in real time.”

Other priorities on the city’s agenda include widening State Road 426 in some key places, any legislative action focused on green energy, expanding their reuse water system, Highway 17-92 beatification and improvement, reform for pension and retiree health insurance and funding for the SunRail.

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