The City of Winter Park has launched an app that lets residents report potholes, street light outages or broken sidewalks.

Ask Winter Park uses a smartphone’s GPS to input location and residents can submit pictures along with details for any issue that requires city maintenance.

“With the popularity of mobile phones, the public’s eagerness to take pictures and share them combined with the advancement of technology – it created the perfect time for the city to use all of these factors that allow the public to inform us easily about the issues they see that need our attention,” said Clarissa Howard, city spokesperson.

According to the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of Americans own a cell phone and 77 percent own a smartphone.

The city retained the services of GovQA for the desktop online version of Ask Winter Park. The app was a new service they provided at no cost.

The cities of Key West, Bloomfield, N.J. and Bowie, Md. use similar apps.

Ask Winter Park can be downloaded for free on all Apple and Android devices. Requests can be made using a desktop or laptop computer. The app can also be accessed through the city’s official website under Residents.

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