Around 30 fliers brandishing white supremacist messages were put up at UCF over the weekend by white nationalist group American Vanguard, and caused concerns with students earlier this week.

The UCF Police Department was quick to start taking them down Monday morning. The signs were brandished with messages like “WE HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST” and “FREE YOURSELF FROM CULTURAL MARXISM,” and portrayed two white people in black and white colors on a black background.

The group’s Twitter is not shy about taking credit for the posters, with posts on the page expressing loud, explicit support for white nationalist messages.

A story by, UCF’s student paper, quotes prominent civil rights leaders like Central Florida Hillel and the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida condemning the posters.

“The Nazis called for rule by an Aryan elite in Germany, excluding all others. This poster found hanging on a wall at the University of Central Florida is eerily reminiscent of the rhetoric and imagery that they used. Now more than ever we must STAND UP AND SPEAK OUT against all appeals to racism,” the Holocaust Memorial’s statement said, according to

UCF Police Department Public Information Officer Courtney Gilmartin said the UCF PD were still reviewing the case as of Wednesday.

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