An appeal to stop a project that would bring over 4,000 homes to the already crowded Narcoossee and Lee Vista area was shot down by the Orlando City Council Monday.

The project is titled Vista Park, and it would bring 4,300 residential homes to a patch of land bordered by State Road 417 and 528. The developer will be Beachline North Residential, LLC.

Residents of nearby community Vista Lakes aren’t happy about the project in the least.

They say the project will clutter up an area already cloistered with traffic and homes. And they don’t know where all the new homes are going to fit.

Attorney Miranda Fitzgerald with law firm Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A., representing current property owner Mockingbird Orlando LLC, said the residents of Vista Lakes were just angry that someone else wanted to live in their area.

“They don’t want any more people there,” she said. “They want to close the door and say ‘we don’t want anyone else here.’”

Local residents John Daly and Frank Sebestyen filed the appeal to block the Municipal Planning Board’s recommendation from January to allow the project to move forward. That appeal was rejected by the council.

Daly told Orlando Rising that he supported development – just not this development.

“Development needs to be done in a responsible way,” he said. “The current plan trying to expand this area to 4,300 homes could have a direct, adverse impact on the community. Traffic, storm drainage issues, a lack of schools – there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed and refined before this moves forward.”

Fellow Vista Lakes resident Lisa Ayers said anyone who was inclined to support the project should “go drive up 417 and try to imagine 4,300 homes in that small space.”

“If you want to live on top of one another, that’s great,” she said.

Fitzgerald claimed the project would be well laid out and well designed so as to work with the area.

“They’ll be pretty,” she said of the proposed 4,300 homes.

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