In the Politics at the Barn straw poll held Tuesday night in St. Cloud, Valleri Crabtree and Wayne Liebnitzky came out on top in the Congressional District 9 race.

The Politics at the Barn straw poll chronicles candidates all the way from the Presidential race down to state House and Senate races who will represent Osceola County.

In the Democratic primary vote, Crabtree got 101 total votes in the poll, beating out the second-place runner-up, incumbent Darren Soto, who got 92 votes.

The victory is another strong one for Crabtree, who, despite modest funding compared to her opponents, has proven to be a serious contender in the race.

“I am grateful for the win,” she said. “I’m glad people understood where I was coming from and what I stand for.”

Dena Grayson and Susanna Randolph lagged behind in the poll with 24 and 14 votes respectively.

In the poll for the Republican primary, Liebnitzky beat out challenger Wanda Rentas 216 to 73.

Liebnitsky spoke at the event and used his time to talk about the need to respect police officers, especially after the Obama administration cut off military gear to police.

“They are our second line of defense after veterans,” he said. “There’s a war on our streets, and we need to protect them.”

In the poll for State Senate District 15, Republican Peter Vivaldi beat out Democratic challengers Victor Torres and Bob Healy Jr. in the poll with 142 votes.

In the poll for House District 43, Sara Shaw beat out competitors Ricardo Rangel and John Cortes with 92 votes.

In the poll for House District 39, incumbent Neil Combee beat out challenger Victor Sims with a 200 to 67 lead. In the House District 42 poll, incumbent Mika LaRosa beat out Benny Valentin 271 to 46.

For United States Senator, Marco Rubio won in the Republican poll with a staggering 222 votes, much higher than any of his challengers, and Patrick Murphy just narrowly beat out Alan Grayson with an 83 to 80 vote in the Democratic poll, leaving the other contenders in the dust.

And for President of the United States, Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton with a lead of 268 to 63.

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