The University of Central Florida might be close to a “tipping point” in enrollment, suggests incoming Senate President Joe Negron.

“The University of Central Florida has had explosive growth. How big is too big? Are you trying to get to 70,000 (students)?” the Stuart Republican asked UCF President John Hitt during the latest stop on his on-campus listening tour. “What’s your vision and the provost’s vision on the right number? Are you just going to keep growing?”

“As quality is defined, we’re pretty good,” Hitt responded. “What I would say without any hesitancy at all, when the size of the university is hurting the quality of education, we won’t grow anymore.”

LobbyTools reports that Negron visited the University of Florida Tuesday where he also spoke about improving faculty-to-student ratios.

“The classes are too large at UF,” Negron said. “There are too many freshmen and sophomores in giant auditoriums with teaching or graduate assistants.”

Negron, LobbyTools writes, is proposing an increase in state University funding by $1 billion over the next two years.

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