Commissioner Ted Edwards has sat in the District 5 seat for over 20 years, but a recent straw poll by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce had him coming in third place in this year’s race to two fiery challengers – Timothy McKinney and Emily Bonilla.

McKinney came in first in the poll with 82 votes, and Bonilla second with 71. Edwards only got 61 votes, and fourth challenger Gregory Eisenberg only pulled in 10 votes.

McKinney said the win was significant for his campaign.

“The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest chambers in the area,” he said. “They are the most emerging demographic. They’re the fastest growing population here. I think this shows a clear and decisive proof that Ted Edwards is not their choice for county commissioner. He got crushed.”

In the District 1 seat, incumbent Pete Clarke won over challengers Robert Melanson and Bill Moore with 135 votes. In the races for sheriff, Property Appraiser and Supervisor of Elections, incumbents Jerry DemingsRick Singh and Bill Cowles all took home victories.

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