The Orlando Regional Realtors Association and the International Drive Resort Area Chamber of Commerce have endorsed Susan Makowski‘s candidacy for the Orange County Commission District 4 seat, her campaign announced Friday.

Both groups attributed their endorsements to Makowski’s support for business-friendly, pro-job growth policies. The Realtors Association stated Makowski earned their support for her understanding of their industry and for her pro-business stances.

“The International Drive Resort Area Chamber of Commerce applauds your leadership and vision for our community. We believe you are the right person to move our community forward and work with us to make Orange County a great place to live, work and play,” I-Drive Chamber President and CEO Maria Triscari stated in a news release issued by Makowski’s campaign.

Makowski is former aide to the incumbent in that seat, Orange County Commissioner Jennifer Thompson. She worked in the private and non-profit sectors before that, including with the American Cancer Society.

She faces Nicolette Springer, Lori Harris, Kevin Ballinger, Gina Perez-Calhoun, and Maribel Gomez Cordero in the August 28 election. If no one receives 51 percent, the top two will meet again in the November election.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement from these two organizations. They represent small and large businesses who employ thousands of people in our area. I share their goals for a growing economy, strong neighborhoods and schools and better quality of life for our residents,” stated Makowski.

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