The Republican U.S. Senate leadership is launching a new digital ad today attacking Florida Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson for not working with President Donald Trump.

The 15-second ad “Senator Nelson Doesn’t Care” from the National Republican Senatorial Committee, being pushed out on Facebook Tuesday ahead of Trump’s State of the Union Address, accuses Nelson of opposing Trump’s agenda 74 percent of the time, and of supporting Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer‘s agenda 93 percent of the time.

“It’s important Floridians know that Bill Nelson has gone out of his way to oppose President Trump’s agenda,” NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin stated in a news release. “By voting against the President, Bill Nelson has voted against the will of Florida voters to follow the far-left agenda of Washington liberals.”

The message – at least the first half of Martin’s statement – is one that Nelson’s 2018 re-election campaign likely would heartily agree with: Nelson opposes Trump.

The NRSC is setting up the Trump-support issue in preparation for a likely November showdown between Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott, an unannounced almost-sure candidate for the U.S. Senate seat this year who has gone to many lengths to show that he and Trump are friends, and that he is a loyal supporter of most of Trump’s agenda. The ad also is a quick-hit attempt at pinning last week’s government shutdown on Democrats, and Nelson.

The NRSC ad begins with a narrator reminding people that, “Florida voted for President Trump,” as pictures appear of a glorious Trump during election night 2016.

“But Sen. Bill Nelson doesn’t care,” the narrator continues, as an image of a disturbed-looking Nelson appears, followed by images of Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Schumer. “He’s joined Washington liberals in their partisan obstruction, and is taking orders from party boss Chuck Schumer, the architect of the ‘Schumer Shutdown.’

“Tell Bill Nelson, it’s time to work for Florida, not Washington liberals,” the ad concludes.

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