The Libertarian Party of Seminole County has announced that they have cut ties with the state Party, in the middle of a statewide controversy that recently caused it’s state chair to resign.

According to a brief statement on social media: “Effective immediately, the Libertarian Party of Seminole County affiliate to the Libertarian Party of Florida has been dissolved.”

When questioned by a member on its Facebook page for a reason they were severing ties, a response says, “We had 9 members present last night, everyone has their own reason. So it’s not possible to give one blanket statement to address how each individual voted they way they did.”

Last week, Party chair and former gubernatorial candidate Adrian Wyllie resigned in protest of one of the party’s candidates for U.S Senate. Augustus Sol Invictus admitted to participating in rituals involving sacrificing and drinking the blood of a goat.

Earlier today, Libertarian David Leavitt withdrew from the House District 29 race, announcing he is joining the Republican party. Two Libertarian candidates in House District 28, Steven Edmonds and Franklin Perez, are scheduled to debate later this month to make their case for the party’s nomination for the Seminole County seat.

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