The priorities Seminole County will be focusing on this coming legislative session include wishes for funding to help boost everything from homelessness to transportation and more, according to Assistant County Manager Meloney Lung.

She said they want to expand the ways they can use the government funding given to them to fight homelessness in order to tackle other aspects of the problem.

“A lot of the time, we can only spend the money they give us on certain things,” she said. “We support legislation to expand the ability of government to be flexible with state spending.”

Another priority, she said, is getting funding to help move rest stop areas out of Seminole County, which is because they’re no longer large enough to accommodate all the traffic that comes through the area.

“A lot of trucks are parking on the right-of-way now,” she said. “Residents have developed up to the rest stops, and the view is obscured by the trucks. We need to move them to a more appropriate place.”

Other priorities they have include a need for reimbursement on costs related to juvenile detention and technology.

On Dec. 16, the county will present its legislative priorities to the delegation at a public meeting.

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