A sanitation leak in Lake Buchanan, located near Texas Avenue and Rio Grande Avenue, prompted a swift response from the county. They also took time to warn residents that despite the sunny, seasonable weather, the lake was currently unsafe for swimming or boating.

The cause of the leak, according to Orange County Deputy Director of Utilities Todd Swingle, was a force main break in a sewer collection system. The leak went to a retention pond and some of that discharged into Lake Buchanan, Swingle said.

He assured that the county was making repairs on the broken pipe “as we speak” Wednesday afternoon. They also used their trucks and pumps to remove polluted water from the lake.

All the same, though, Swingle urged residents not to go in the lake for a few days until it’s confirmed that the water is safe.

“We ask for people not to actively use the lake for boating or swimming,” he said. “The environmental protection unit will give notice when they have clean samples.”

He said that process, and monitoring the situation in general, could take several days.

In an email sent Thursday morning, Orange County Utilities Community and Media Relations Representative Jamie Floer wrote that all pipe repairs had been completed by 4:45 p.m. Wednesday. She wrote that test results would be completed today and that the Environmental Protection Division would continue monitoring the lake for the next several days.

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