Sally Boynton Brown, executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party who also made a run for national chair this year, was named the new president of the Florida Democratic Party.

Brown replaces Scott Arceneaux, who in January as executive director of the Florida Democratic Party, under the transition taking place under newly-elected state chair Steven Bittel.

She also was known for a controversy that arose during her run for the DNC chair, when she declared at George Washington University, in a discussion of racial politics within the Democratic Party, that her job was to tell white people when to shut up. She has insisted that all the ensuing controversy – and she lost that election to Tom Perez – was taking her comments out of context; she was referring to white people trying to describe black culture.

Brown announced last week that she was stepping down from the Idaho Democratic Party after five years as executive director.

“Sally shares my optimistic, idealistic enthusiasm,” Bittel said in a news release issued by the Florida Dems. “Her national profile and experience as president of the Democratic State Party Directors are a testament to her impressive party and infrastructure building skills. I look forward to her bringing her knowledge of state party management to Florida as we work to turn our state back to blue.”

During her time as national president of the Association of State Democratic State Executive Directors, Brown traveled the country, training other Democratic parties how to operate, build infrastructure, balance budgets and win elections.

As the executive director of the Idaho Democratic Party, Boynton Brown has overseen Democratic victories, and begun successful statewide party building campaigns including candidate training and internship programs.

Also, Boynton Brown expanded the donor base in the Idaho Democratic Party, bringing them into the black and operating with a consistent surplus.  Most recently Boynton Brown received the We Are Emily national award from Emily’s List for her work in Democratic party building.

“I am thrilled to join the FDP team as we engage the grassroots in the work needed to build our party and to win local, state and federal races throughout Florida,” Brown said in the release.

“I look forward to working with everyone across the state as we invigorate the party and save Florida from the GOP policies that harm our lives every day.”


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