The Affordable Housing Gap Analysis from 2016 lists Orlando as one of the worst cities in the country for affordable housing – over 90% of those who need low income housing can’t find it here, the report says.

The report states Orlando has 15 affordable housing units for every 100 total housing units for rent, putting Orlando in company with Las Vegas and Los Angeles for places where those on extremely tight budgets can’t find places to live very easily.

Mitchell Glasser, manager of the Orange County Housing and Development division, said the county is doing its best to provide housing for low-income residents, but needs assistance from the federal government due to the large need for even more housing. He added that the problem is most apparent for those who are at the very bottom in terms of income.

“There’s a very small percentage making homes for those with extremely low income,” he said. “For an apartment complex, we can tell them to build more, but they’re a private market. They don’t have to listen.”

He said one ray of hope for those with the lowest incomes was the National Housing Trust Fund, a fund which provides revenue to house those in need. It was put in place during the recession but people will only now see its effects in 2016 as it is implemented all over the country.

He did say they were working on solutions – such as putting out a Request for Proposals on a new development that would build new housing units for the extremely low income crowd, with about 20 percent of that being for homeless families.

Cassandra Lafser, press secretary for Mayor Buddy Dyer’s office, said the city had several programs in place intended to help those who needed housing.

She listed the project to transform a vacant six-acre site in Parramore into a mixed housing development, another one which will redevelop three vacant properties near Mercy Dr. into 160 new housing units (partnered with Ability Housing) and the Amelia Court at Creative Village project, which will provide 116 new housing units at both market-rate and affordable prices, which will be useful for families looking to locate near the Parramore school.

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