Republican state Rep. Rene Plasencia and his family are starring in a new promotional internet video released Friday by the vacation rental home marketing giant Airbnb.

The minute, 41-second video shows interviews with Plasencia, his wife Marucci Guzman, and her daughter [his stepdaughter,] in scenes at vacation homes they have rented through Airbnb in Georgia and Tallahassee, as Plasencia and Guzman sing the praises of Airbnb.

They talk about the price, convenience, and other advantages of renting lodging through Airbnb, rather than hotels, for both pleasure trips and extended stays in Tallahassee for Florida Legislative Session business.

“Yeah, I would definitely recommend Airbnb for other travelers for either,” Plasencia says. “Really, for fun.”

Among the shots in the video are scenes from Plasencia’s and Guzman’s February wedding at the rustic cabin they rent regularly in Georgia.

The video also features the homeowner of the house Plasencia and Guzman rent in Tallahassee, identified as Quincie, who talks about the friendship she’s developed with them. So the video also aims at promoting to future Airbnb homeowner clients.

“Well, that’s the bonus. It’s just not all about the money,” Quincie says of the friendship.

Plasencia was not immediately available Friday to discuss the video.

He was not paid for the video, according to Airbnb.

Plasencia abstained from voting yesterday when the House of Representatives considered House Bill 425, which would have assisted Airbnb’s business, by imposing a statewide deregulation of local ordinances restricting vacation rental homes. The House voted down two amendments to the bill, without Plasencia’s votes.

He is not on any of the three committees that held hearings and voted in favor of HB 425.

HB 425 now is up for a third reading and House vote.

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