The Pride Fund to End Gun Violence released a statement Monday chastising lawmakers for failing to ensure citizen’s safety following the shooting in Las Vegas.


Another day, another deadly shooting in America,” said a statement released by Jason Lindsay, executive director and founder of the Pride Fund. “Last night’s massacre is another reminder that no one is safe when access to guns is so easy. We’re heartbroken and horrified for those involved as well as the community as a whole.”


Pride Fund pointed out that Las Vegas is the latest American town in a growing list of cities ravaged by senseless gun violence, including Columbine, Colo., Charleston, S.C., Sandy Hook, Conn., Blacksburg, Va. and Orlando.


The nonprofit supports requiring background checks for all gun sales, prohibiting suspected terrorists from purchasing guns and high-capacity magazines, preventing those convicted of hate crimes from purchasing guns, undertaking federally-funded research on gun violence, and restricting access to assault weapons, like the ones used in Sunday night’s shooting


“No other country faces the daily onslaught of shootings and murders that the United States does, where 93 people are killed every day by gun violence,” the statement said. “For too long, lawmakers have failed in their responsibility to ensure the public safety by not taking action.


Ninety percent of Americans support commonsense gun reforms like expanding universal background checks, according to the Pride Fund statement. “However, lawmakers in Congress have prioritized the special interests of the gun lobby at the expense of American lives.”


Pride Fund to End Gun Violence was formed in the aftermath of the Pulse shooting, and raises and spends money for candidates at the state and federal level who support common sense gun reforms and champion LGBTQ equality.

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