Businessman and veteran Paul Paulson says Buddy Dyer is stealing his talking points.

Paulson is referring to an email sent out by the Dyer campaign over the weekend that called him a “threat to the progress Orlando has made – and the livelihood of its citizens.” and that the challenger would “steer Orlando backward, away from our focus on stronger neighborhoods and opportunity – and back towards an era where only a select few prosper within our city limits.”

“That’s flat out ridiculous,” said Paulson in a release “Since the start of our campaign we have made a focus on stronger neighborhoods our primary emphasis. “Buddy, who regularly hands over the keys to city hall for the privileged and powerful, is now trying to convince you that he is a “man of the people.”

Over the past few weeks, Paulson has launched a substantial self-funded campaign to prevent Dyer from winning a fifth term, including television ads and billboards. The mayor has crossed the half-million dollar mark in fundraising and has almost unified support from the business community.

“Is he Mayor John H. “Buddy” Dyer or Mayor Brian Williams?” continues Paulson “Merriam Webster defines plagiraism as such, ‘To use the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas.’ ” He also criticises the incumbent on decisions regarding the city’s fight with Uber, and the controversial destruction of Tinker Field. He also pledges to take a $1 salary if elected.

Dyer himself has remained quiet regarding his opposition and hasn’t accepted an event invitation that would put him on stage with Paulson. His campaign has launched grassroots operations and is expected to ramp up GOTV efforts in the coming weeks. Medical Student “Sunshine” Linda Grund is also running. Election day is November 3rd.

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