Government affairs representatives for Osceola County told the Board of Commissioners on Monday night that they plans to try again on state dollars for the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center in the 2016 legislative session.

The center will focus on the research and production of sensors found in cell phones, computers, and other high tech devices. The $140 million dollar plant, which is projected to produce 10,000 jobs over the next decade had an allotted $10 million dollars in the state budget, but the project was vetoed by Governor Rick Scott.

Funding for the center was just one of several high profile projects in Central Florida to fall victim to the Governor’s Veto pen, millions for the University of Central Florida Downtown campus, and the second phase of the downtown performing arts center were also denied, organizers for both projects will also try to secure funding when the session starts in January.

Holland and Knight, which represents Osceola County says it’s met with the right members of the governor’s administration and other organizations to make it happen next year.

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