The public has spoken and prefers a flag that includes the Lake Eola Fountain and a stylized “O” for the City of Orlando’s new flag.

And while only 4,515 people voted in a city with 255,000 residents, the final verdict rests with city commissioners.

The city’s design review committee will meet Friday to review the top five designs and make a recommendation to the City Council.

The winning design will replace the city flag, adopted in 1980, that features skyscrapers flanking the Lake Eola Fountain

The public’s favorite received 1,474 voters, leading over a swan design that garnered 922 votes.

The designer for the top flag described his flag as:

“The upper arc of the ‘O’ symbolizes both a rainbow and unity. The reflection in the water closes the ‘O’ and closes the circle of unity. The blue of the fountain and the white of the ‘O’ symbolize hopeful images and stand out on the blue flag.”

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