The City of Orlando has extended the moratorium they placed on after-hours nightclubs from July until September at Monday’s city council meeting.

The reason for this is to account for the “robust nature” of the investigation they’re conducting into the nature of after-hours clubs after one opened on Amelia Street recently.

But it will also focus on the nature of traditional nightclubs, and whether the nature of them has impacts on public health, safety and welfare – particularly as it relates to crime and the adverse effects on surrounding neighborhoods, according to a copy of the ordinance. The task force, comprised of city officials appointed by both the Orlando Police Department and the City Attorney, will look into the high volume of crime that tends to come with the package when nightclubs of any kind are located in an area.

The task force set up for this was to report back to the city by July 1, but due to the sheer volume of the investigation they began to conduct, the City voted to allow them to extend that date to Sept. 1 instead.

With the extra time, they’ll continue looking into the number of nightclubs within the city limits, the number of nightclubs in other cities of Orlando’s size, the conventional business methods of nightclubs and the laws that regulate them, as well as the impact as mentioned above they have regarding crime.

When asked how the investigation was going, officials were tight-lipped.

Orlando Police Department Public Information Officer Sergeant Wanda Miglio said detectives were “still interviewing witnesses and victims” from the Glitz Ultra Lounge shooting in February.

Orlando Mayor’s Office Press Secretary Cassandra Lafser said, similarly, that the investigation was ongoing.

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