The smell of something like rotten eggs has been permeating the air around the Orange County Landfill for months, and the county finally has a solution.

The reason for the odor, as determined already, was a mixing of construction debris and household waste, which created hydrogen sulfide, producing the rancid smell.

According to a packet released by the Orange County Solid Waste Division, their strategies will include no longer mixing those two substances, as well as capping portions of the landfill and adding more dirt.

They will also begin construction on more landfill gas collection pipes next month.

The release quotes Solid Waste Manager Jim Becker as saying that controlling the odor is a goal for his department.

“Decreasing the odors remains a top priority at the landfill,” he is quoted as saying. “We’re confident that the steps we’re taking will have significant impact.”

The press release also assures that low levels of exposure to the odor, which is all anyone living around the landfill has had, are not harmful.

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