Orange County issued fees Tuesday to each of the three contractors hired to handle solid waste pickups in the county – FCC, Waste Pro Services and Advanced Disposal Services – for the numerous service issues between Feb. 15 and 29 of this year.

From now on, according to Orange County Solid Waste Community and Media Relations Representative Jamie Floer, they will assess fees every month.

Each contractor has the right to appeal the fees, which Floer said they most likely would.

The fees are as follows:

Advanced Disposal Services had 225 complaints between Feb. 15 and 29 in Zone 1, and they have a fee of $2,600. They also cover Zone 3, but had no fees for that area.

In Zone 2, Waste Pro Services got 174 complaints between Feb. 15 and 29 and have a fee of $4,000.

In Zones 4 and 5, FCC got 315 and 334 complaints respectively, and owe $11,100 and $8,300 respectively between Feb. 15 and Feb. 29.

A press release from Orange County states that this is “designed to facilitate dependable service.”

Solid Waste Manager Jim Becker noted that more than 95 percent of the homes surveyed had no complaints, but that didn’t mean the county was going to let the complaints they did get go unnoticed.

“We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers receive consistent service countywide,” Becker is quoted as saying in a press release.

Charles Jones, president of CJones & Associates PR and a contractor representing FCC, stated in an email the following day that FCC “has been working closely with the County to resolve all service complaints.” He wrote that FCC’s complaint rate has steadily gone down since the early days of their contract with the county.

Jones then provided two emails from Orange County residents happy with FCC’s service. Both emails praised garbage truck drivers for going “above and beyond” in their service and helping out residents.

Mark Nighbor, Vice President of Marketing and Communication with Advanced Disposal Services, said he wanted to remind residents of Orange County to follow the guidelines of the new trash pick-up system – waste gets put in the green bins and recycling in the blue ones. And, he added, trash has to be inside the container, not put outside of it.

He said they hadn’t yet received documentation explaining what the fees were for, but that they were committed to trying to smooth out kinks in the pickup services.

“We’re working with the county to resolve all issues and provide service that the residents want,” he said.

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