Amidst the controversy over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s widely-criticized video over the weekend, in which he made numerous offensive comments about women, Orange County Republican Executive Committee chair Lew Oliver doesn’t think it will affect any Republicans’ chances at winning in November.

While he didn’t say he agreed with Trump’s remarks, Oliver said he thought the Democrats may be more hurt in the polls as a result than Republicans.

“The Democrats might go ‘oh, look, it’s fine,’” he said, adding that supporters of Hillary Clinton were far less enthusiastic about voting than supporters of Trump or the Republican Party in general.

He said if the Democrats assume Trump will lose because of the video or other controversies and don’t come out to the polls in November, it could prove advantageous for the Republican party.

Oliver says he doesn’t think Republicans have any wool over their eyes when it comes to Trump – they know he’s outrageous and many of them disagree with things he’s said.

But it’s the idea of Trump – as a symbol more than an individual – that keeps the Republicans firmly on his side, Oliver said.

“Everyone understands that he is a less-than-ideal candidate,” Oliver said. “They support him because he is unique, and there’s nobody else doing what he is doing, taking on the system, not being PC and not in anyone’s pocket. They’re supporting the message, not the messenger.”

Overall, Oliver was optimistic about his party’s chances in the election.

“[Trump] says exactly what he thinks, and it’s refreshing for a large amount of voters,” he said. “I can’t tell you how many times we thought something Trump said would sink his campaign, but then it did no such thing.”

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