The OneOrlando Fund began dispersing the second and final payments today to the survivors and families affected by the Pulse tragedy.

Since the first distribution, an additional $2,080,931.82 in donations has been received.

The guidelines for distribution required verification of eligibility by the OneOrlando Board. Payments will be disbursed in the manner requested by each victim or family member.

In total, OneOrlando will disburse $31,665,931.82 on 308 claims.

The OneOrlando Fund was established by the City of Orlando just days after the June 12th Pulse shooting, which was followed by an outpouring of community support and donations. Forty-nine people were killed and 68 seriously injured and hospitalized. Another 182 people were in the Pulse nightclub when the shooting began, but escaped without injury.

Equality Florida, the GLBT Community Center of Central Florida and the National Compassion Fund announced a partnership with OneOrlando Fund to ensure all funds collected for victims were disbursed in a unified process that expedited funds, ensured transparency and safeguarded against fraud. The fund’s board of directors, representing major donors as well as members of the gay and Latino communities, volunteered their time to attend meetings and hold public hearings for survivors and families.

The distribution amounts are:

DECEASED:                        $24,681.09


24+ nights                            $21,101.22

16-23 nights                         $18,287.72

8-15 nights                           $12,309.04

3-7 nights                              $7,737.11

1-2 nights                              $4,571.93

ER/Outpatient                     $2,461.81

PRESENT:                            $1,758.43

The OneOrlando Fund is now closed and donations received after April 1 will be directed to either the Contigo Fund or the Better Together Fund at Central Florida Foundation. 


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