Last weekend, the NFL Pro Bowl called Orlando home for the second consecutive year and the results were steady once again.

Though viewership ratings of the annual event have gone on the steady decline, this year’s version of the NFL Pro Bowl saw a 28% rise from 2017. Weather wasn’t quite ideal for fans at Camping World Stadium and for those who got to witness the AFC top the NFC 24-23, it was a wet affair.

“I think it makes it more exciting for the fans for us to put on a show like that and go down to the last minute and win the game,” said Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker.

Over 50,000 spectators took part in Pro Bowl activities throughout the week leading up into the game and the game was somewhat entertaining and ended with a competitive one-point victory. The NFL has an option on holding the Pro Bowl back in Orlando for 2019 and the league will host meetings in March to discuss the return of the event to central Florida.

In past years, the NFL has attempted a variety of different ways to create a buzz leading up to the Pro Bowl, as the game has lost a lot of its mystique over the years. One variable that’s been taken away is the vacationing part of it, as the game was perennially held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Since then, the Pro Bowl has seen its location change all over the place, including Miami and Phoenix being other destinations its been held at. The Pro Bowl hasn’t been most popular also because many of the players voted in don’t end up playing in the event for various reasons.

For the City of Orlando, the Pro Bowl has been a nice boost to local economy and jolting more interest in the NFL product. The main question remains, will the Pro Bowl be back for a third year in Orlando?

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