Republican U.S. Senate nominee Gov. Rick Scott is launching a new television and internet ad in which he declares Demoratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson is part of the Washington corruption and that Scott will “give ’em Hell in Washington.”

The 30-second spot, “Give ‘Em Hell”, has mostly simple video. Most of it is Scott speaking into the camera while text highlights some of his comments, though there is a spell where viewers get to see computer animation of Nelson aging over 40 years.

“Washington has its own brand of corruption. Politicians who stay politicians forever. Politicians who make promises they never intend to keep – just so they can get money and votes. After 40 years in Washington, that’s the story of Bill Nelson,” Scott states. “A vote for Nelson is a vote for government waste and debt, higher taxes, chaos at the border and weakness abroad. Nelson can’t change Washington. He IS Washington. I’m Rick Scott, I’ll give ‘em hell up in Washington.”

Nelson’s campaign responded by seizing on the allegation of “Washington has its own brand of corruption,” and the tie to Nelson. The campaign reiterrated charges it has made toward Scott.

“The only person with a “brand of corruption” in the U.S. Senate race in Florida is Rick Scott. Not only has he done a poor job as governor, he’s greatly enriched himself while in office,” Nelson’s campaign spokesman Dan McLaughlin said in a written response. “If Mr. Scott wants to talk about a “brand of corruption,” let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about his massive Medicare fraud scheme. Let’s talk about his seemingly well-timed and lucrative financial investments in state projects that he’s hidden from the public. Let’s talk about some of his political donors who are making small fortunes off state projects he’s approved. Let’s talk about a politician with a “brand of corruption.”

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