University of Central Florida head football coach Scott Frost and his staff has not only rebuilt the Knights’ football program, they have also launched a juggernaut. Saturday’s 63-21 romp over outmanned East Carolina offers the latest proof.

The 5-0 Knights put up 60 points for the second time this season and all 5 opponents have yet to come within four touchdowns of UCF. While Frost and his players will “take it one game at a time,” they have a very real chance of heading into the “War on I-4” matchup with USF unbeaten.

“We’ve got quite a few guys that are playing well and it’s fun to watch,” Frost said following the rout of East Carolina.

There is a message in all of this for Central Florida football fans. Not to be too much of a downer, but please enjoy this season because it is not likely to last too terribly long.

While UCF was putting up 63 points, hundreds of miles away Frost’s alma mater, Nebraska, was surrendering 56 – at home, no less – to No. 9 Ohio State. Husker Nation was extremely unhappy with circumstances in general, and with current coach Mike Riley in particular, even before heading into the debacle against the Buckeyes.

The Corn Huskers are a proud football program and had not taken a similar beating in nearly 70 years. Now in his third year in Lincoln, Riley and Nebraska are 3-4 this season and 18-15 overall.

That won’t get it done. The vigil is on for the Riley regime.

They’ve already fired the guy who hired Riley. After a shocking loss to Northern Illinois last month, athletic director Shawn Eichorst was let go.

When the same happens to Riley, UCF Athletic Director Danny White is likely to get a call asking for permission to speak with Frost about coaching Nebraska. They must do this because Frost is under contract through 2021 following an extension signed 5 months ago.

White has every right to say no, but it’s a no-win situation for him. Frost could tell White he is not interested in even listening to outreach about coaching at a place where he “bled Husker red” growing up.

Don’t count on it.

If Frost’s legendary college coach, Tom Osborne, is enlisted as a Husker ambassador, it would be tough to say no. Even if under contract, there is certainly a buyout clause that a program like Nebraska would be willing and able to pay if they were sure they had the right guy.

To be sure, Nebraska will talk to other coaches. Perhaps they will be more impressed with someone other than Frost, but after more than a decade of three coaches failing to meet standards, they can little afford another mistake.

Nebraska has not won a national title since 1997, when Frost was their quarterback. The headline announcing his return would write itself.

On the other hand, Frost could stick around to fulfill commitments he made to the freshmen and sophomores he recruited since arriving. That can weigh heavily on any coach who cares about the people who play for him.

When Nebraska creates the anticipated job opening, just hold your breath. In the meantime, enjoy every week with this entertaining and focused football team.

You’ll enjoy it, and they deserve it.

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