Saturday morning in front of Orlando City Hall, members of the Florida National Organization For Women endorsed three candidates for Legislature: Linda Stewart in Senate District 13, Beth Tuura in House District 47 and Amy Mercado in House District 48.

Judy Kaplan with NOW said the three candidates would hopefully reverse some trends in Tallahassee and get more women in Legislature seats.

Stewart said she had always stood for equality for all.

“This is a critical election,” she said. “We need committed women in Tallahassee who will hold our issues first, who will not allow attacks on abortion rights and equal pay for equal work to go on without a fight.”

Tuura said she was “frustrated’ by attacks from the current lawmakers on women’s rights, health care and marriage equality.

“For too long, a small group of men determined what women should look like, how they should act and who they should marry,” she said. “It’s time for them to move over. We need to be governed by women and men who are unafraid to face inclusion.”

Mercado said her experience as a mother taught her the importance of fighting for a better world for children. She said she was infuriated by the way state legislators “play games” with children’s education – though she was happy about a recent ruling Friday on a case in which two students opted out of state standardized testing, saying it was a step in the right direction.

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