To innovate modern civic solutions in service of all citizens, the Florida League of Cities (FLC) will bring together students of various fields for its inaugural MuniMod Hackathon.

As the Southeast’s largest civic tech competition, the MuniMod Hackathon will be May 12-13 at FLC University, 135 E. Colonial Dr. in Orlando.

The Hackathon seeks to assemble teams of students engaged in fields of study ranging from electrical engineering and public administration to computer science, all in order to find solutions for issues facing local governments and communities.

Ten teams from nationally ranked universities across Florida will begin by completing a series of virtual webinars for insights into the current climate within municipal government.

After presented with civic problems facing Florida cities, the teams will then work nonstop through the night to develop ideas on possible solutions — with FLC offering meals and a place to crash.

Students will get an opportunity to work with world-class advisers and mentors, using their unique skills and backgrounds to incorporate technology for modernizing municipal governments.

After 24 hours, the teams will present their suggestions to a panel of judges, and the overall winning team will receive a $10,000 grand prize.

Areas of focus of the Hackathon will include civic services, analytics, and engagement for utilities, infrastructure, big data analytics, public outreach and participation, each identified in recent years as critical areas needing reform. The competition offers a platform for students to bring a fresh perspective for improvements and enhancements of the current municipal government system.

With a goal to engage a new generation of problem solvers, MuniMod offers students a way to apply skills to real-world civic issues — bridging the gap between technology and local governments throughout Florida, and potentially nationwide.

MuniMod Hackathon begins with an opening ceremony Friday, May 12, at noon; work session begins 1 p.m. On Saturday, the work session ends at 1 p.m.; demonstrations and judging starts 2 p.m. The closing ceremony is 3:30 p.m.

Further details, or to sign up for the MuniMod Hackathon are at


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