Buzz surrounding a potential congressional run continues as St. Cloud state Rep. Mike La Rosa sent out a release Monday afternoon blasting the Iran nuclear deal.

“This deal was an end around the US Constitution,” La Rosa says. “President Obama knew he would never be able to get this passed in Congress, so he went to the United Nations Security Council first in a deliberate manner.”

“After examining the record,” he adds. “I would have to say this deal could end up being one of the worst foreign policy moves in American history.”

The deal has been controversial, with Democrats split over the agreement, despite having the full support of the White House. In exchange for lifting economic sanctions, the proposal would require Iran to drawdown its necessary facilities and materials for developing nuclear weapons.

Opponents say the deal doesn’t go far enough to ensure Iran won’t sidestep inspection requirements and will build weapons anyway, a move which puts Israel, our staunch ally, in harm’s way.

“President Obama will go down in history as the enabler of the Iranian nuclear weapons program,” La Rosa continues, “Now the Iranian radical leadership will have the financial capability to not only continue their path to a nuclear weapon, but will now have the money to buy or develop sophisticated and destabilizing nuclear weapons delivery systems.

“I am outraged this has occurred.”

La Rosa says he is considering a run in Florida’s 9th Congressional District, now open after U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson‘s run for Senate. In previous months, he has sounded off on a variety of federal issues, from Cuba to the Planned Parenthood controversy.

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