Another candidate, Mayra Uribe, has emerged to run for the Orange County Commission in the District 3 contest that appears to be opening up in 2018 because incumbent Pete Clarke is running for mayor.

Uribe, who previously ran for the commission in 2010, celebrated her 44th birthday Monday by filing for the new race, becoming the third in for a contest still officially set for 2020. Also in the contest are Orange County Soil and Water District Supervisor Eric Rollings and former Florida House of Representatives candidate Gus Martinez.

The position and race officially are non-partisan. Uribe is a Democrat, as is Rollings, who filed two weeks ago. Martinez, who filed last week, is an independent.

Uribe is a former aide to Orange County Commissioner Emily Bonilla in District 5, and also a former aide to U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson. She has been widely active in the Central Florida community work through non-profits and charities.

Clarke, a Republican, has until next June to formally announce he is resigning from the seat to pursue the Orange County mayor’s position in the 2018 election. Once he does, his District 3 seat would officially become available in the 2018 election.

In a news release issued by her campaign, Uribe said she sees the economy has strengthened for some, but that not everyone is feeling that the county government has done enough to address their needs.

“There are several key issues I see for District 3 residents: transportation, economic growth, and safety. I intend to take my campaign door-to-door and neighbor-to-neighbor, bringing my message of family, faith and focus on the issues at hand. I will knock on as many doors as it takes,” Uribe stated in the release. “I will continue Commissioner Clarke’s emphasis on listening and learning from the residents about their concerns.”

She added that crime, homelessness, and poverty also must be more addressed.

While working for Nelson for six years, Uribe focused on immigration, transportation, military, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and labor issues. She noted that Nelson’s attention to constituents’ concerns hardened her resolve to help others in the community.

For the last five years, Mayra has dedicated her life to working with nonprofits (Healthy Start, Bootcamp for New Dads) as well as raising awareness for Central Florida’s homeless children and families through various campaigns.

“My focus between now and November of 2018 will be this election. I have a lifetime of familiarity with the issues facing Orange County, and my experience working for Sen. Nelson combined with my many years of volunteering and community activism set me apart from the other candidates,” Uribe said.

Uribe is married to local radio sports talk-show host Kevin Sutton of ESPN 580 Orlando. Their daughter Faith is 14, and their son Lincoln was born in May of this year.

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  1. Donna

    lets start talking about local people whose race are in March. We notice that Northwest Apopka gets missed a lot. We have six weeks to talk about the Municipal Votes. Than we can talk about County and then state. We need to refresh their memories. We will be having the Town Forum for Apopka coming up soon.


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